Zero waste Christmas! Is it achievable?

Embrace the Zero Waste Spirit This Holiday Season!

The most joyous time of the year is upon us! The holiday season brings forth an abundance of festivities, merry gatherings, and the excitement of giving and receiving gifts. However, amidst the glimmering decorations and shiny packages, we often find ourselves surrounded by excessive waste, including plastic wrappers, packaging materials, and leftover food that sadly end up in the trash. Are we being more wasteful than necessary? Perhaps, in these challenging economic times, it's an opportune moment to embark on our first Zero Waste Christmas. Surprisingly, it's easier to achieve than you might think. Let's explore how!

Farewell to Wrapping Paper Woes

Although that glossy gold reindeer glitter paper may catch our eye, it's important to know that it cannot be recycled like most wrapping papers. They are swiftly torn apart when gifts are opened, discarded into garbage bags, and eventually find their way to the landfill—a less-than-ideal outcome. Instead, opt for furoshiki wrapping fabric, a scarf, or even a towel that doubles as a beautiful and reusable wrapping for your gift. Alternatively, consider using plain brown paper, which is recyclable. Unleash your creativity and paint on it or adorn it with a charming ribbon.

Discover Their True Desires

A Zero Waste Christmas begins with the selection of gifts. Not only are many of the presents we purchase not environmentally friendly, but they often fail to fulfill the desires or needs of the recipients. When compiling your gift list, take a moment to ponder what your loved ones truly appreciate and what would hold a special meaning for them. Whenever possible, opt for gifts without plastic. If you find yourself struggling for ideas, don't hesitate to seek our assistance!

Decoration with less plastic

Endless plastic trinkets, lights that consume too much electricity, sad lonely Christmas trees piled up on the sidewalks after New Year's... is this really what Christmas is all about? You can have a beautiful, festive home without all of that.

Less food in the garbage

Figures show that we throw away food all year round but the Christmas period is the time when we throw away even more. Now that you know this, try to control it. Good preparation is key. Instead of succumbing to buying plastic trays and bags of snacks, make a number of snacks in advance and keep them in the freezer. Don't be tempted to cook too much - let's see who can manage that! - and leave plenty of room in your fridge for leftovers (make sure you have enough wax wipes or other plastic-free food storage options so you don't end up wrapping everything in plastic wrap)

And remember the best gift you can give to those you love remains spending time with them!