7 + 1 Back to School Green Tips

The first day of the new school year is just around the corner. And while you're preparing for this exciting day, we've put together some ideas for a more eco-friendly return to the classroom.

1. Use what you already have.

A new school year doesn't mean you have to buy all the school supplies. Often bags, pencil cases and other supplies such as scissors, rulers, crayons can be reused.

2. Organize school lunches

Discover ideas for easy and imaginative snacks for the kids' lunchbox on @lillesult's Instagram account, so the lunchbox doesn't come back full. Pack them in reusable snack bags and containers instead of plastic bags, foil and cling films. Choose a safe water bottle free of plastics and other chemicals that leach into the water and from there into their bodies. You will find a wide variety at https://thinkeco.gr/backtoschool

3. Show children how to take care of their things

Bags, clothes and supplies will last longer if children practice taking good care of them.

4. Put labels...everywhere!

There is probably a parallel universe in which everything kids lose in schools ends up. Label their stuff and write their name on the labels of jackets and sweatshirts to avoid losing them.

5. Use less paper.

Every day, children come back with lots of photocopies. Before throwing them in the recycling, see if you can use both sides, e.g. for drawings or notes. And keep as many of their drawings as you can, they make amazing albums.

6. Walk - Walk!

Is it too early in the morning? Is it cold? Never mind. Walk to school or if it's further away, how about a bike or scooter if it's safe in your neighborhood?

7. Encourage the school to promote recycling.

If your school does not have separate bins for paper, plastic, aluminum or batteries, talk to the principal about starting a recycling program.

P.S. Have a great school year! And don't forget to take pictures the first day before they leave home and when they get home 😉