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Thermos 500ml - Green

Thermos 500ml - Beige

Thermos Bottle 750ml

Fluf Snack Bags - Green

Fluf Snack Bags - Purple

Fluf Snack Bags - Panda - Pink

Fluf Snack Bags - Panda -White

Fluf Snack Bags - Cherry

Thermos 500ml - Terracotta

Foldable silicone bottle 550ml

Enamel Cup - Birds

Enamel Cup - Cat

Zero Waste kit

Thermos Bottle 500ml

Magnetic Bookmark

Enameled Mug - The encounter

Enamel Mug - Flower Meadow

Soy wax in Coconut shell, 450 g

Jasmine flavoured soy wax in coconut shell, 450 g

Bamboo Straws

Fabric Tote Bag made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Tote Bag from Recycled Plastic Bottles - Dragonfly

Soy Wax in Coconut Shell with Passion Fruit Flavor, 450 g

Cork and fabric bag

Cork and fabric bag - Flowers

Bag with cork and fabric

Sea Towel Hammam - Blue

Hammam Beach Towel - Pink

Hammam Beach Towel - Orange

Hammam Beach Towel - Turquoise

Hammam Beach Towel - Light Green

Hammam Beach Towel - Black

Fan - Mireia Ruiz

Fan - Creative Minds

Fan - Fresh Roses

Fan - Hey Studio

Fan - Jewellery

Fan - Waves

Fan - Asis Percales

Beach towel Peshtemal - Lilac

Peshtemal Beach Towel - Green

Peshtemal Beach Towel - Sand

Ecological Swedish Cleaning Wipes - Squares

Ecological Swedish Cleaning Towels - Cherries

Ecological Swedish Cleaning Towels - Face

Ecological Swedish Cleaning Wipes - Lemon

Eco Kitchen Set

Zero Waste Office Kit

Eco Garden Kit

Set of 3 Wipes Small, Medium & Large

Dried Flowers Bouquet

Set of 3 Small, Medium & Large Wipes

Coffee Cups On The Go - Dune White

Coffee Cups On The Go - Light Blue

Coffee Cups On The Go - Pink

Linen bag for onions

Burlap bag for potatoes

Zero Waste kit Kitchen Starter Pack

Set of shopping bags for the market

Organic cotton net bags with short handle

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What is FSC® certification?

What is Zero Waste - Living with less waste - Past, Present and Future

Easy Eco friendly alternatives for a greener home!

Compostable, Biodegradable or Recyclable?


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