Payment methods

Payment Methods

In order to provide you with a better and more efficient service, our company offers you payment options for the products you are interested in buying, which are linked, among other things, to the processing time of your order request and/or the time of delivery of the products.

Once you have decided which payment procedure suits you, you select the corresponding method in the appropriate section of your order request form and enter your necessary details. The collection and processing of the payment details you send us fall within the strict privacy policy maintained by our company and are collected and processed with full security and diligence and only upon your consent provided by sending your order request.

1. Replacement

You can pay in cash the total amount of your order to the company's distributor at the time of delivery with an additional charge of € 2.00

The cash on delivery charges are the fee that the courier company takes for the execution/processing of the transaction and not for the transport. The cash on delivery charge applies even for orders over 50€.

The cash on delivery payment option is only available in Greece.

2. Credit - Debit - Prepaid Cards

You can use your credit/debit or prepaid card as a payment method. All cards are accepted.

The process is carried out and completed through Stripe which uses the latest security and encryption protocols and your transactions through it are completely secure. During this process no personal information (including credit/debit card number) is stored on

3. Payment via Paypal:

Paypal is the most well-known intermediary for Online transactions.

You can use your PayPal account to pay for your purchases. Upon completion and confirmation of your order, you must select PayPal payment from the list of options to be directed to PayPal's online secure transaction system. The PayPal payment process is fully automated and is usually completed within minutes. During this process no personal information (including credit/debit card number) is stored on