Why should I choose an eco-friendly cleaner for my home?

Have you ever wondered how "clean" the cleaning products industry is? How is it today and what could be improved? The fact is that the cleaning industry is not as "clean" as it seems.

Have you ever considered how many plastic bottles are in the detergent aisle at a Super Market? Impressive, isn't it?

Did you know, for example, that single-use bottles in the household, among other things, contribute huge amounts of greenhouse gases? A new study from the scientific journal Nature shows that at the rate we're moving now, the global plastics industry will contribute 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

In addition, even more emissions are created by the transport of cleaning products, which are 95% water-based. The transport of these products leads to huge amounts of carbon dioxide from trucks. In addition, bottles are usually not suitable for reuse, which contributes to waste. Packaging and empty bottles usually end up in landfills, where very few of these bottles are actually recycled. Many of these products also contain toxic ingredients such as chlorine, ammonia and formaldehyde to name a few, which are not good for humans or the environment.

Green cleaning is about using products and methods that are better for the environment and our health. Eco-friendly cleaning products can reduce emissions to air and water and also help to tackle ozone depletion and climate change in the future.

First, let's acknowledge that there is a problem. How many plastic bottles are we going to throw away per week and for how many years? 

When I started my search for detergents in tablets there were only 2 companies in Europe. Now every week I discover a new one. It's promising, don't you agree? 

My suggestion is Skosh cleaning tablets. 

It's a Swedish company, they're growing fast, an indicator that there's significant market interest.

For every order they plant a tree _ not yet in Greece, but when we grow up, we will demand it!

Their bottles are beautiful and made of 100% recycled plastic. Soon you will find them on the site too. For now I'm using a glass bottle with spray!

Vegan certification for all of their products, meaning none of their ingredients are animal based and have not been tested on animals.

With each tablet we save the environment from a plastic bottle!

They are also EcoCert certified and ... clean! And they smell good! Currently you will find bathroom and general purpose cleaners. Soon we will welcome their new products as well.